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Saturday, May 18th, 2019


@ The Plantory inside “the bread box”

501 W. 6th St, Suite 250

Lexington, KY 40508

Are you a music teacher feeling frazzled at the end of the school year?

A stressed-out college music major?

Or are you a freelancing/gigging musician with an erratic schedule?

Take some time for yourself and join us for the first ever Musicians' Wellness Day in Lexington, KY!!

This FREE event will be a day for musicians of all genres to come together and learn about self-care and wellness tools to support their playing, their teaching, AND their life!

Wellness Day will feature local health/wellness professionals in Lexington and will include yoga, meditation, and a sound healing workshop as well as talks on self-care, performance psychology, fitness, and muscle stability/spinal health.

And as a special treat - CORE Health Centers will be providing chair massages all afternoon!!

This event is 100% free!!!

but spaces are limited, so please register in advance to save your spot!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Are you interested in contributing to the wellness of local musicians? Click here for info on sponsoring this free event!


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9am Easy Yoga & Meditation with Natalie Deering

Let’s start the day by experiencing gentle movement of the body that will eventually lead us into a guided meditation focusing on the intention of stability and empowerment!

No yoga experience required!

Wear something comfortable and bring a mat, towel, or blanket and any additional props if you choose.


Natalie Deering, MS LPP CMI YT-200 is a licensed mental health therapist and certified yoga and meditation instructor specializing in mindfulness. She provides individual therapy at her private practice ND Wellness in Lexington KY for individuals who experience anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress due to trauma.

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10:15am Sound healing with amy hudson

A sound healing is when you are submerged in sound waves that interact with your own vibrational field or aura. Visually it looks a lot like a savasana at the end of a yoga class. You find a comfortable position and allow yourself to go into a meditative state. During the sound healing you may experience visions, get messages from your guides and angels, or even fall asleep. There is no right or wrong way to have this experience. It also may feel different each time based on your own personal journey and intentions.

For this workshop, please dress in comfortable clothing. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, or anything to help you get cozy for about an hour.


Amy Hudson is a sound healer, plant promoter, and soultrepreneur whose life's purpose is sharing joy and abundance with the world. She began working with a mentor in the spring of 2018 as a way to understand why, even though she'd read all the books and done all the things, she still felt empty. Through this deep level soul work she was introduced to crystal singing bowls. Something about the bowls called to her in a way that makes no logical sense to the mind yet the desire to play was palpable. It was less like learning and more like remembering something she's always known how to do. Almost immediately after receiving her first bowl she felt compelled to start holding sound healings. Having no training or certifications she held healings month after month, intuitively feeling her way through. The experience was so transformational that in February 2019 she left her job as an event coordinator to build her own holistic wellness business. Her services include essential oil education, sound healing workshops, reiki, tarot/oracle card readings, and one-on-one sessions. To learn more about essential oils, Amy’s sound healing workshops, or to schedule a private session, please visit www.amyhudson.co.


11:15am Mental Strategies for Performers with Colleen Maggard

This class will explore the mental aspect of performing, challenges musicians might face, and a series of techniques to best prepare for any scenario. Topics will include developing awareness, preparedness, visualization, overcoming pre-performance anxiety, how to approach obstacles, and how to develop a winning mindset. Join Colleen Maggard of Swell Life Lex to learn how developing a strong mental foundation will help take your performance to the next level.


Colleen Maggard is a Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle coach and the founder of Swell Life Lex, whose mission is to guide and inspire a community of people striving to achieve optimal wellness through sustainable behavior change, healthy living practices, community-building, and the outdoors.


We’ll be within walking distance of several great restaurants including West 6th Brewing (beverages and light snacks), Smithtown Seafood, and County Club Restaurant.

There are also some great options a short drive away, like Broomwagon Bikes & Coffee, J. Gumbo’s, and Minton’s.


1:30 pm Lyrical Healing

The Executive Director of Lyrical Healing Inc will speak about their initiatives as a new non-profit organization in Jessamine County.

Lyrical Healing Inc is a 501 C3 Non-Profit Youth Music Organization. We offer free music courses to teens from adverse environments as a positive outlet for self-expression and stress relief. We are also advocating for the understanding and furthered education of “Adverse Childhood Experiences” (ACEs), the study that links adverse upbringings such as abuse and neglect, directly to adult chronic illnesses. We aim to be the intervention between the adversity and the negative life long impacts it can create.

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free chair massages just for you!

CORE Health Centers will be providing a massage therapist onsite at Musicians’ Wellness Day all afternoon to ease those end-of-season and end-of-the-semester muscles!


At CORE Health Centers, we believe every human being should experience a pain free life.

It is our mission to provide the communities we serve with the highest level of pain care available.  It is our goal to meet the needs of our patients by delivering convenient, cost effective care that will help each-and-every one of our patients reduce levels of pain and restore proper function without the use of narcotics or unnecessary surgeries.

At CORE Health Centers, we approach pain care by focusing on the root cause of pain and tailoring individualized treatment plans that provide fast relief while addressing the underlying cause of pain symptoms. We offer complete Chiropractic and Wellness programs designed to provide non-narcotic, non-surgical solutions to pain relief and rehabilitation.  

If your daily life is being affected by back pain, neck pain, whiplash, or headaches, the team at CORE Health Centers can help relieve your symptoms and help get you on the road to a pain free life.

Locations in Kentucky:

Ashland - Grayson - Winchester - Richmond - Georgetown - Lexington (Hamburg) - Lexington (Beaumont) - Florence (coming soon!)


2pm Musicians & repetitive injuries with Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike Young of CORE Health Centers will be speaking about how the repetitive motion that it takes to master instrumental playing can have negative effects on the body and how a chiropractor can help (and it’s way more than adjustments!). He’ll also be taking questions about your pain from playing and what you can start doing to resolve it - Chiropractic care is a wonderful addition to the musician’s lifestyle to help stay healthy and enjoy playing the music you love!


Dr. Michael Young was first introduced to Chiropractic following an automobile accident he was involved in. After receiving treatment and seeing the results, he knew that Chiropractic was what he was meant to do. Dr. Young immediately enrolled and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Sherman College in S.C.

Dr. Young’s passion for Chiropractic comes from his desire to help people get out of pain and back to doing the activities they once enjoyed.

“It’s about results. It’s about taking a patient that is missing out on life due to pain and getting them back in the game! It’s about helping them live pain free and never miss out on one of life’s precious moments again.”

giveaway drawing!

At the conclusion of Dr. Mike’s presentation, we’ll be drawing for a number of awesome giveaways

to support you in your healthy and happy music-making!

Items include:

A gift basket of CBD-infused products from Bluegrass Hemp Oil

60 min massages from CORE Health Centers

A soprano ukelele + $25 gift card to Willis Music

8-week group guitar lesson package (classes available for all level) at Willis Music Lexington

10-class package for hot yoga at Creative Yoga!

for extra drawing entries, check out this post on facebook & instagram!


2:45pm fitting in fitness with

johnna wilford

With all that we have to juggle in our busy lives, how can we fit in exercise?

In this interactive 45-minute workshop, Johnna will teach you how to apply behavioral science principles to create practical solutions to your barriers to physical activity. You will leave with one or two realistic goals around physical activity, as well as with a handful of fitness moves that you can do anytime, anywhere.


Johnna Wilford is a writer, speaker and wellness coach for active millennial women. With both a Master’s degree in Medical Anthropology and a MBA in Nonprofit Management, her work taps into multiple areas of expertise and allows her to focus on the concept of health and wellbeing as a holistic experience that is unique to each individual woman. She combines this professional experience with her work as a RRCA-certified running coach, an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor, and a SymptoPro Fertility Educator. She’s also the co-founder of Catholic Women Run, a popular online community that discusses the intersection between faith and women’s fitness. Her work has been featured in Verily Magazine, Positively Positive, plus many other publications, and she has spoken at events ranging widely from academic conferences to faith-based panels. She lives in Lexington, KY with her husband.

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3:30pm becoming a sound musician: self-care tools to support the whole musician


Dr. Kallie Snyder

Wrap up Musicians’ Wellness Day with the event founder/organizer and creator of The Sound Musician - Kallie Snyder!

In this short presentation, Dr. Snyder will talk about importance of daily self-care for musicians, ideas for crafting fulfilling morning and evening routines, and easy strategies to support your well-being throughout the day!


Dr. Kallie Snyder is the face behind Musicians’ Wellness Day and The Sound Musician blog. Based in Lexington, she is an active flutist and music educator in Central Kentucky. She holds degrees from Florida State University (DM), Middle TN State University (MA), and Western KY University (B. Music Ed).