But in 2018, I started suffering from anxiety. Not just performance anxiety, but an actual anxiety disorder that flipped my world upside down. So now, in 2019, it feels right for The Sound Musician to come to light.

This isn’t so much a blog about wellness as it is about WHOLENESS. My desire is that by sharing my struggles and challenges of being a classical musician and learning how to feel whole in the process, that my fellow musicians (and non-musicians) might feel less alone in their challenges and that together we can form a community to combat the idea of the “suffering, starving artist.”

Hi, there!

My name is Kallie Snyder, and I play and teach the flute in Lexington, KY. I also like flowers and food and cats and home décor. My husband is pretty cool too.

I have ALWAYS struggled with performance anxiety, which I now know was rooted in perfectionism, comparison, imposter syndrome, and a fixed mindset (you know, the usual).

I’ve also always had an interest in musicians’ wellness, and I originally had the idea for this blog in 2014. I bought the domain, the site, and did absolutely NOTHING with it.


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