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The sound musician



The sound musician

Have you ever felt not good enough? Not talented enough? Like an imposter?

Have you ever felt embarrassment or shame about your lack of awards, gigs, job title, or income?

Have you ever participated in self-sabotage? Maybe not practicing enough because deep down you feel like you can’t make it, so why bother? Or maybe practicing TOO much, leading to injury?

Have you ever avoided going for something because you were afraid of failing? Or of being judged by others?

Have you ever BRAGGED about how late you stayed up to practice, how busy you are, or how you’re only running on coffee and granola bars?

Have you ever experienced performance anxiety? Or generalized anxiety? Or depression?

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Hi, I’m Kallie. I’m a human that plays and teaches the flute, and I have checked every single one of those boxes during my musical career, and I know I’m not alone.

The Sound Musician is a space for me and for you to be honest. Because we can only truly connect when we speak TRUTH. And the truth is.. you are not alone. You are not broken. You are a human, and humans deal with stuff. And when we’re honest about our stuff, we can transform.

So let’s raise a glass of water (you know you need it), to community over competition, to being our most authentic selves, to embracing our flaws, and prioritizing our health and well-being, and join me on a journey to become a Sound Musician.

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